About Us

Absolute wagyu is the culmination of a shared passion and vision for the wagyu breed

Absolute Wagyu consists of five shareholders. Four of which are in the veterinary industry and the fifth shareholder is a director in one of the major grain companies of south africa.


To produce proven world class wagyu genetics for the south african market.


Absolute Wagyu is committed to the development of the wagyu breed in south africa by working together with all role players in the value chain from seed stock producer right through to the final product on the shelf. To ensure long term success we only make use of proven wagyu genetics. In the local context we already have high marbling carcass data for some of our top breeding bulls. All genetics that we import are carefully selected on the individual performance indexes of each animal.


Dr. Fanie Steyn

   082 825 5091

Mnr Lukas van Zyl

   082 770 0228

Dr. Collin Albertyn

   083 448 2368

Sr. Mandy Albertyn

   078 007 9855

Dr. Willie van Heerden

   072 299 1056

Dr. Thomas Steyn

   082 773 2683